About Cephissus

Who We Are

Cephissus is a full-service IT Staff Augmentation and Cloud Solutions provider offering a high level of personalized support along with a wide range of IT consulting services, including the sourcing of high caliber IT candidates to offset operational efficiencies, AWS cloud, mobile, commerce and micro-services for organizations of all sizes. As a Partner with AWS & Microsoft, we offer cloud strategy and planning alongside expert implementation and support services. In addition, Cephissus consultants deliver innovative technical solutions across a variety of platforms, providing the scale, performance and resilience your business demands and customers deserve.

What Makes Us Different

Business-driven Strategy

The ideal Cephissus customer is looking to accelerate the speed and agility of their business and IT organizations while optimizing their IT investments in both the long and short term.

However, to often, these technology transformations are driven by incomplete or flawed business cases that fail to define the real benefits and target capabilities organizations are desperately seeking. Cephissus engagements focus on a top-down, business-driven approach that begins with understanding your organizational structure, objectives, pain points and culture. We collaborate with your team to develop a comprehensive business case that will serve as a driver of your core business strategy.

We are laser-focused on the customer experience

Cephissus products, UX, design and engineering teams specialize in creating rich, immerse, experience-driven solutions with the speed-to-market you need to wow more customers at the right time – and keep them coming back.

Our mobile, cloud and microservices ninjas leverage the use of the latest innovative platforms and languages, (think NodeJS, ReactJS and AngularJS) to deliver scalable, resilient, and omni-channel enabled experiences.

What We Do

Innovate, Transform & Lead
For a Better Way to Run Your Business