As digital technology reshapes the fundamentals of the education industry, institutions are increasingly leveraging cloud based solutions to realize new business strategies. The education industry now faces a new set of challenges that is driving a fundamental transformation across the education ecosystem. The customer demographics, behaviors and expectations have changed. They face revenue pressures along with increasing sensitivities from their customers on the return on investment for dollars spent on higher education.
In today’s digitally connected world, interacting with students requires managing more communication channels than ever before. Decisions about when and how often to interact with prospective students, what content to communicate and what media channels to leverage for delivery are critical components of an effective enrollment strategy. The availability of numerous online media of education brings affordability of education to the forefront. Outcome-based and adaptive learning processes bring personalized learning experiences attuned to the distinct learning capabilities of individuals. The sources of funding for education bring with them increased scrutiny.

Taxpayer-funded education requires new reporting systems to measure the economic impact of higher education on students. With the amount of state funding for higher education steadily decreasing. The shift of the economic burden to the consumers has resulted in universities re-evaluating what student services can be provided cost effectively. More than ever, understanding the intricacies of technology transformation is critical to staying relevant in the higher education environment. In the midst of tight cost constraints, the successful adoption and implementation of new technologies and their underlying infrastructure requires a comprehensive evaluation of strategies, human resources, processes and technologies.
Computing in Education industry unlike the time-consuming, expensive application modernization projects of a decade ago, transformation initiatives based on social, mobile, analytics and the cloud are cost effective and efficient. The cloud, in particular, provides a natural platform for optimizing existing IT systems to increase operational efficiencies while driving business agility and growth. Many higher education players are leveraging cloud computing to become nimbler, innovate more quickly and create greater value for customers and partners, whether through business process transformation and innovation, or by modernizing their application platform or data center architectures.

At Cephissus, our analysis shows some high traction workloads for cloud adoption in the education space:

  • Online course delivery: Pioneers in Massive Open Online Courses are using cloud based infrastructure to host their online education platform and scale to the thousands of potential consumers. Cloud solutions also offer the flexibility of access from multiple devices including phones and tablets.
  • Online assignments and tests: Teachers and students leverage cloud based solutions to post, access, complete and submit assignments.
  • Project collaboration: Cloud based collaboration solutions allow multiple users in group projects to work on and edit documents at the same time, and enable seamless sharing and transmission of ideas.
  • Email and connectivity solutions:Cloud based email and audio/video collaboration solutions are finding a lot of takers, especially with a large user base of faculty and students.
  • Reporting requirements: Institutions need to gather data from a multitude of sources and derive meaningful insights from such data, both for regulatory and business requirements. Cloud based solutions can be used for storage, high performance computing and dash-boarding requirements.
  • Greater class participation: Cloud based mobile solutions allow teachers and students to share their viewpoints, answer questions and review with devices connected to a cloud platform.
  • Real life simulators on cloud: Real-life simulation applications that enhance learning experiences can be hosted on the cloud and powered on-demand. This reduces the total cost of ownership of infrastructure, as these applications only run for 2-3 months in a year (when the classes are conducted).
  • Designing/modeling and research:High-end computing resources required for research and modeling can be consumed from cloud, thereby reducing upfront investments.
  • Shifting focus to better content: Institutions can focus on content creation and delivery, while using cloud solutions to reduce IT ownership and the associated management efforts.

Organizations can specifically target the following areas to leverage benefits that cloud-enabled solutions offer.

Run Smarter Engineering

Dynamic and productive development cycles.


The development, set up, provisioning and release to production of IT systems (applications and infrastructure) takes too long, is cumbersome and costly.

Cloud solution

Leveraging cloud based IaaS and PaaS solutions, the build, release and provisioning of resources can be automated.


Agile and flexible IT ecosystem that can go “live” to production quickly; cost savings on infrastructure and software licensing; higher productivity

Smarter Business Processes

Streamlined and standardized processes.


Business processes running on legacy application/technology architectures are inflexible, require a lot of effort and time to change and do not support enablement of mobile and social capabilities.

Cloud solution

Leveraging cloud based IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions, organizations can target mobile enablement, insights from big data, business process optimization and modernization.


Optimized and flexible business processes; quick addition of social, mobile and analytics capabilities at lower cost.

Build Smarter Applications

Flexible and scalable applications


Applications are complex, expensive and inflexible; often use diverse non-standard technologies; cannot add new capabilities.

Cloud solution

Leveraging cloud based IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions, organizations can build dynamic, stateless, cloud-scale architectures.


Flexible scalable applications that can dynamically cater for changing business requirements; solution enhancements are quicker and at lower cost..

Run Smarter Operations

Optimized and efficient steady state operations.


Infrastructure, applications & business processes are not managed effectively; issue resolution and trouble-shooting are not optimal; distributing applications takes a lot of effort.

Cloud solution

Re-host/migrate applications onto cloud; Hadoop-based analytics of log files; cloud based APM to monitor application, infrastructure and business process performance; auto-scaling and auto-bursting across hybrid clouds ensures minimal CAPEX.


Automated management of IT ecosystem with proactive performance management; optimized storage and backup; capability to address elastic demand scenarios.


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