Mobile Commerce Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Why Mobile-first?

Mobile technology is reshaping human behavior, enabling people to convert thoughts & desires into actions instantaneously as they interact with the digital world through their devices of choice. Digitally empowered consumers – rather than brands and corporations – are now driving interactions throughout the customer lifecycle, demanding accessibility, expediency and an engaging, personalized experience.

Cephissus Mobile / Web consultants are trusted partners across fortune 500 companies, specializing in the architecture & delivery of experience-driven, cross-platform solutions.

Why Cephissus?

  • Experience-driven Product, UX Design Services
  • Scalability: 100+ Mobile / Web ninjas on & offshore

Core Mobile Technology Solutions

  • iOS, Android, Hybrid specialists
  • NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJS gurus
  • Smartphones, tablets, Android TVs, Kiosks, touchscreen devices, & more

Commerce Solutions

Like technology, retail has also evolved. Companies are increasingly demanding more from retailers across every channel. This means you need to find a way to break down the walls between web, mobile, brick-and-mortar, social media and call centers. Cephissus offers a unique combination of highly experienced UX experts and e-commerce products that will transform your digital organization to deliver robust, scalable, omnichannel solutions that bring all points of the customer experience together.

Why Cephissus?

  • Expert Commerce Platform Integration, and Data Migration Services
  • Scalability: 60+ Commerce experts on & offshore

Core Mobile Technology Solutions

  • IBM Websphere Commerce
  • SAP Hybris
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Oracle Commerce Cloud

What Makes Us Different?

Business-driven focus

In response to a rapidly unpredictable change of landscape in technology, emerging data breaches and increased scrutiny from boardroom stakeholders to C-level executives, organizations are desperately looking to streamline the efficiency and security of their network infrastructures while accelerating the speed, agility and protection of their entire organizations. Optimizing their IT investments in both the short and long term, all too often, are driven by incomplete or flawed business cases that lay in uncharted waters and fail to clearly define real driving market forces, regulatory concerns and corporate governance. Cephissus provides a complete and comprehensive business strategy designed to serve as the driving force for your core business policies.

Too often, however, these technology transformations are driven by incomplete or flawed business cases that fail to define the real business benefits and target capabilities organizations are desperately seeking. Cephissus engagements focus on a top-down, business-driven approach that begins with understanding your organizational structure, objectives, pain points and culture. We collaborate with your team to develop a comprehensive business case that will serve as a driver of your core business strategy.

We are laser-focused on the customer experience.

We take the customer experience to a whole new level; bridging gaps with all internal stakeholders to bring seamless collaboration and resolution amidst current and future projects. Even among the most complex networks environments, our design and engineering teams can transform the way people work, shop and socialize; creating rich, immerse, experience-driven solutions that adopt, align, define, and execute dynamic, innovative strategies for sustainable change. Distributing scalable, resilient, and omnichannel enabled experiences by leveraging the use of the latest innovative platforms and languages (think NodeJS, ReactJS and AngularJS), our mobile, cloud and micro-services solutions can authenticate and customize your organizations network to provide improved security, less technology to manage and happier customers.

When you partner with us, you are forming a partnership with a trusted alliance that is known in the industry to deliver extended collaboration, responsiveness and dependability along with an "above and beyond" approach. Join us to contribute your core strengths that will bring an unprecedented amount of added ROI and TCO.

Our vision for a better tomorrow begins when we innovate, transform and lead together.
As a customer-centric, relationship-driven partner, we are redefining the way companies experience and benefit from global services. Our unique delivery model is infused with a distinct culture of high customer satisfaction. From enhancing the student experience to achieving institutional excellence, education leaders choose us to help them work better and work differently. Whether it is improving student success or managing costs, Cephissus has been helping colleges and universities benefit from class leading technologies.
We offer end-to-end services covering cloud advisory and consulting, migration / implementation, along with managed services targeted at optimizing data centers and application platforms, driving business innovation while lowering costs. Our offerings cover IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and BPaaS models, which include pre-built cloud solutions as part of our Cephissus Cloud Steps Transformation Framework: a comprehensive tool-based framework that simplifies the transition to cloud.
We partner with some of the best companies in the world, whose products and services complement our own offerings. We leverage our key strategic partnerships with Amazon Web Services, VMware, IBM, Redhat, and Azure, among others, to help clients accelerate the speed of innovation and drive more value to their businesses and customers.
Our core team of solution consultants are innovation leaders, bringing a broad set of strategic and technology expertise to help our clients innovate, transform and better lead their organizations in achieving their goals.